Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Saturday Night Fever

Here we go with a collection of videos taken during the weekend, demonstrating our practice sessions of handling Dylan under the guidance of the hospital nurses. The videos are pretty boring; I guess they serve mostly as a piece of history rather than entertainment.
The first video shows you Dylan in his very first suntan session ever with some very sexy lighting and even sexier sunglasses.

The second video provides an interesting demo of tag team nappy replacement. It features Jo and another super friendly nurse that even took the photos of me holding Dylan later. And in case you're wondering about my role, well, someone had to hold the camera! I admit it: at this point in time I have a problem with changing the nappies. There's this sense of convulsion in my stomach, and it is not aided by Dylan's protests.

The third video shows Jo feeding Dylan with a bottle.

And the fourth and last video shows me trying (emphasis on "trying") to feed Dylan after he already had the bit Jo gave him and wasn't hungry in the least. I have to warn you: this is a 10 minute video with nothing in it but fruitless attempts; not even a happy ending. It just demonstrates the no-gratitude nature of baby work.


Anonymous said...

shirt makes you look very father figure like
hope junior will be a good hunter.

Moshe Reuveni said...

For the record I'll repeat what I've already said on Flickr:
This shirt you gave is, by far, my favorite shirt. It's just looks so stupid! The video doesn't do it justice because you can't see the back.

ek said...

Once again - great videos!! Dylan is very cute.

Keep them coming!