Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Today's second letter to The Age

Dear sir/madam,

I would like to congratulate the ABC for axing The Glass House. We definitely don’t need their type of lefty anti government criticism in our living rooms! However, I don’t understand why the ABC stops there. If you ask me, the Seven Thirty Report has been snooping around the government’s acts for way too long; we would all benefit if that one goes the way of The Glass House, too. And what about the Seven O’clock news? They tend to cover items that often portray the government in a negative light. Let’s cancel that, too. And while at it, cast away David and Margaret’s At the Movies – this pair of intellectuals is definitely up to no good. Adam Hills (Spicks and Specks) should be the next to be sent home - last week's show had some gay motifs we don't want on our TV. Come to think of it, please go all the way. Let’s turn the ABC into a 24 hour QuizMania show!

Moshe Reuveni

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