Friday, 17 November 2006

Inconvenient Truths

Well, here's an entry dealing with a topic I usually just hint at but avoid giving away too many details about: the medical stuff we've been going through. I was thinking about it, and the conclusion I reached was that there's no real reason to keep silent; but then again, this is definitely something I don't feel comfortable writing about. So here goes an attempt to handle the uncomfortable side of blogging.
I'll start with my own post operation condition. On one hand, I'm recovering well from my operation. I'm terribly unfit, which is probably more to do with being lazy, but I'm recovering well.
There are two catches here, though. First, I won't be able to know how my hormone levels are going for quite a while. That would probably involve a series of tests. And second, which is the worse one: I still have issues of a similar nature to the ones that caused me to have an operation in the first place, but on a smaller scale; the future is basically going to be a balance between living with problematic tissues or having another operation, and so far the suggested solution is to keep a regular watch on things. But it does sound like a question of time... And I'm still not being specific about what this is all about, but never mind.
The second bit of news is to do with the IVF treatment we - or rather Jo - is going through. We're towards the end of our first cycle, and earlier this week they extracted 9 eggs, which sounded good - it meant we had the potential for repeated attempts while avoiding the worst part of IVF (which is the egg extraction).
Today we learned that of these 9 eggs, only two had developed into what is referred to as healthy embryos. Two days after they were fertilized in the grace of god (read this if you don't get the joke), one of them had 4 cells and the other a weirdo of 6 cells (which means that one or two cells are rather lazy at splitting). They put the two back in, so theoretically we might have twins in 9 months, but realistically statistics say that we have less than 25% of having anything at all. And worse, if/when we'll want to have another go at it, we'll have to go through the egg extraction phase again, because we weren't able to put enough embryos on the side for freezing and then thawing later for another go.
[In case you're curious: they don't put more than two back nowadays, due to potential issues the mother might suffer as well as too common cases of twins; and the thawing thing works only about half the time, so if you don't have many embryos to play with, you wouldn't take the risk of freezing. Basically, IVF - like most medicine - is not sophisticated at all; it's just a statistical game of probabilities and risk management.]
If I'm allowed to go back to my less serious self, upon seeing the "mutant" 6 celled embryo (they show them to you on TV before putting them back), I immediately started referring to it as Haim. Jo didn't like the idea even after I explained that Haim is Hebrew for "life". She suggested other names, the most popular of which was calling the more normal 4 cell embryo Corwin (from the Amber books).
We debated the issue more, and suggestions such as "Ringo and Paul" came about. So far, Stewie and Brian (Family Guy) seem the most popular, but I have to admit that I still think in terms of Haim. Old habits die hard... If you have your suggestions, feel free to offer them using the creative commentary facilities provided. Jo wants to see some female names, for a start.
To conclude, I'll mention that Jo has this idea of writing a blog about the rigors of IVF in a kind of an attempt to help others. Maybe I'll get her on a guest appearance here; maybe even guest appearances.


Moshe Reuveni said...

Having thought about it at night (a time where most inspirational things tend to happen), I came up with Melinda and Melinda.
It's a very democratic name (both are equal), very progressive (women's rights), and unlike most others I really liked the film.

ek said...

I quite like the idea of Jo blogging too!

I will think of ideas for names too....

Anonymous said...

Now you are talking, what about Sylvester Jr?
I see that this blog is commited to give action all the time.
We are crossing our fingers.

Uri E. said...

I'd try Logan (for Wolverine) and Liz (for Elizabeth Bennet).
Of course, Haim is also very good.

Moshe Reuveni said...

I can't stand X-Men. It's more like echs-men to me. But thanks for the suggestions...

Anthony said...

Fingers crossed for yourself and Jo. Hope it works out. Still pondering names!

Anonymous said...

Come on, you should consider it (if he is a boy).
If names are saying something then Junior's personality reflected a degree of respect for his father.
In the flashback sequence, as with Tweet Dreams, Sylvester resembled his son physically therefore he will be looking like you, everybody will be happy

Moshe Reuveni said...

I'm not talking about names for the actual children that might come out of this process. For that I pretty much know what I would like to have (although I think Jo is less than enthusiastic about them). Point is, that discussion is currently irrelevant.
The names we're talking about here are names for the embryos, a way to refer to them while they're still only embryos. With all due respect to an embryo, I don't think that a few circles inside a large circle look like me.

Wicked Little Critta said...

I was reading about names in a parenting magazine yesterday, and they were saying that a popular naming technique nowadays is combining the parents names. For example, if Dave and Jillian can't think of a name, they could choose "Davian."
"Joshe" and "Mo" would both work.

Moshe Reuveni said...

You're on to something here. Mojo sounds really good!