Friday, 24 November 2006

Green pastors

It is truly rare that a letter published in The Age moves me so much, so I thought I'd better share my movement with the faithful readers of my blog (pun intended, as you will soon see):

The Green Peril

ALL Victorians should be aware of the extreme danger posed to our state with the grim possibility of the Greens holding the balance of power. This party fraudulently claims to be about the environment, yet wants to import heroin, decriminalise other dangerous drugs, and encourage young teenagers into a homosexual lifestyle.
The Greens are the radical descendants of the Communist Party cloaked in the falsehood that they are harmless lovers of the environment while their real agenda is strongly anti-Christian and anti-family.

Pastor Peter Curtis, Werribee South

How lucky us Victorians are to have this loyal priest alert us of the imminent Green danger. How lucky we are to have the church stand guard to prevent us from contaminating ourselves.
Seriously, though, such a letter deserves some addressing. Now I'm not about to humiliate myself by directly answering the idiot; but I will use the opportunity to express some of my views (as well as to repeat my intention to vote for the Greens tomorrow).

First, to the issue of communism. I'm not a big fan to say the least. As much as I despise capitalism for being a system that basically capitalizes on our selfishness and creates a dog eat dog world, communism was a world in which the very basic freedoms were deprived. That said, I don't know whether the problem was with communism itself or rather with the way it was implemented, which allowed the elites to cheat the system. I suspect the fault was with communism, because it made society head towards the lowest common denominator; but then again, it was the fault of the people that took it there. Regardless of whether it was a cause or effect thing, communism was bad, if only because it allowed people like Stalin to make a mark.
So far the best working model I am aware of is the socialist tending model used in Scandinavia. I would very much like to see such a social model in Australia, although I don't think there is any party here to support such a model; maybe the Greens...

Second, to the issue of drugs. According to surveys, 80% of the population has tired illegal drugs, and a huge proportion uses it from time to time - at least 20%. This pretty much means that this thing called "illegal drugs" may be illegal, but it is very common, too.
Therefore, people who say "let's put them in jail" are two faced. If they were to really "put them in jail", they would have to put members of their own families in jail; and they won't do that.
Now I'm not saying drugs are good. For the record, I belong to the 20% that never touched them. But I also admit that the fight against illegal drugs is a losing battle, and maybe it's time to admit we're losing the war and consider changing our strategy.
I've been to Amsterdam, where light drugs are allowed to one extent or another, and I think I can safely say that Amsterdam was one of the loveliest places I've ever been to. Obviously, the fact drugs are legal there did not make the place into a Sodom and Gomorrah; instead, it lowered overall crime levels because drug barons couldn't make a lot of money and because addicts didn't need to resort to crime to pay for their drugs.
Another point to make about drugs is that those who are totally against them tend to forget other forms of legal drugs, forms that overall are much more damaging to society than the illegal ones: alcohol and tobacco. But then again, being two faced was never a problem for conservatives, especially those that advocate for "family values", whatever that may be (probably the values of having the women cook and clean the house while the man read the paper) while at the same time advocating for family destroying individualism based capitalism (otherwise known as greed).

Last, but not least, the issue of homosexuality. Now, until the Greens came along, I was a happy hetro; but after the encouragement I got from them, I'm seriously considering becoming a homo.
It's easy to recognize the previous sentence is a joke. We all know one does not become a homosexual out of a whim. Scientists also tell us that many other life forms display tendencies of homosexuality from time to time; it is not a matter of fashion or a herd instinct, it is something much deeper. Again, the religious people are two faced, and instead of confronting the problem they just ban it.
Now I could have mentioned the large number of priests who seem to really like young boys, but that would be a cheap shot. What I will mention is that even when people are educated to accept homosexuals, the price of being a homosexual is still pretty high; people will not become ones just because the Greens tell them so.

Thus I can only conclude that the true danger faced by society is religion. It is two faced, it employs double standards, it does not have any well founded basis, it won't face reality, and it will not accept anything that may crack its doctrine. In short, religion is one of the last leftovers of the dark ages; we require yet another reneciance to help us clean it up.
Let free minds rule. Vote well tomorrow.

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