Saturday, 11 November 2006


Finally, Jo has been cleared!
Allow me to explain. Some two months ago, Jo has applied to become an Australian citizen. She went to this interview where they assess her suitability (you see, we don't want scum to come in and suck the blood of our children).
After she finished her interview she was told they cannot give her an answer, because someone by the name of Joanne Hopkins has committed a crime in the state of New South Wales, and until she's cleared they cannot confirm her candidacy for citizenship.
So for the next 7 weeks or so I had to live with the fear that I married a fugitive criminal. I also thanked my parents for calling me "Moshe Reuveni", and name that is guaranteed not to be confused in Australia; just imagine the trouble you'd go through if your name is John Smith and you ask for Australian citizenship.
Anyway, after weeks of paranoia with regards to the police knocking on our door to take Jo way, last week we received a letter telling us that Jo has been cleared. All we're waiting for now is a date with destiny; specifically, a date for citizenship ceremony. Sadly, Jo will miss her chance to vote for the Victorian state elections in two weeks.
We strongly suspect her ceremony will take place on Australia Day (circa 26 of January) at the Brighton City Council building (that's where I had my ceremony). Be there or be square.


ek said...

Great news for you both!


Moshe Reuveni said...

Not that it would make any difference to the way we live, other than forcing Jo to get an Australian passport.
I think the major difference would be one more vote that won't be going John Howard's way.