Friday, 3 November 2006

Analog Classics

It took some time for this to dawn on me, but eventually I realized that my Flickr photo upload project is not only a nice way to share my photos around with friends, relatives and blog readers - but also the best way to back my photos up. That is, as long as I am willing to pay Yahoo some $30 a year for the courtesy.
So I've already uploaded our "best of round the world" photos, and now I'm uploading what I refer to as "analog classics".
Between you and me, I consider those analog classics to be the best photos I've ever taken. They were taken at a time in which I was just crazy about photography - crazy enough, for example, to carry a rather heavy tripod in my backpack all day long and to take photos of the Louvre in the middle of the night when the temperature was -3. So it's a combination of craziness, rather exotic locations (or exotic when you look at them from half way across the world; but still, Paris and London are not places to be trifled with), and the will to experiment and into spaces where no Moshe has gone before - such as the use of 3200 ASA film for dusk time London photos.
Anyway, I'm uploading these photos now, so you'd be able to admire them on my Flickr page. Their set will be called, surprise surprise, "Analog Classics".
One last thing - These photos were taken with my old Canon A2E film camera, which was sold a long while ago on eBay. They were digitized courtesy of the famous Myron Enterprises Inc lending me a hand with his scanner. Thanks, John!

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