Saturday, 28 October 2006

Round the World in Flickr

With my new Flickr Pro account, I've started uploading "historical" photos on to my Flickr page.
The first of these experiments are a bunch of photos from the round-the-world trip we took last year, which involved San Francisco, New York, England, Scotland, and Israel. I came back with 17gb of photos from that trip, so obviously I will not upload it all; for now I'm uploading just a batch which we set aside in a CD aimed at our families and labeled "best of round the world". Since it's aimed at our families it doesn't have much in the way of scenery and good photos, focusing instead on photos of us. But that will do for now.
One thing this experiment does cause is confusion when you watch my Flickr page, as Flickr sorts the photos out in descending upload chronological order. In order to help with the navigation I have re-shuffled the sets I've had, so now navigating to the batch of photos you're interested in should be easier.
How does it work? When you access my Flickr page, the right column is made of tags, each representing a set (or, in plain English, a dedicated photo album). Click on the set you want, and away you go.
Eventually, the grand design is to put a lot of our historical stuff up there. We'll see how it goes; I think the idea of maintaining our photo albums on the web, where everyone can immediately access whatever photo they want, is just great.

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