Thursday, 5 October 2006

Open Plan

With tickets to the 2007 Australian Open on sale as of today, we decided that this year we will only go once - on the opening night At Rod Laver Arena.
Last year we went to the opening and to one of the quarter finals. There is a significant difference between the two events: Opening night is more like a festivity thing. You get one very famous tennis player of each gender play against another that you never heard of (and maybe even forget by the end of the match); the game is just a formality, a warm up, that ends quickly and you go home with a smile on your face.
The quarter finals, on the other hand, are a much more robust contest. The two matches we saw last year were both tight, and the man's match ended after 5 long sets at almost 02:00am (opening night matches end at like 22:00 or so). It was all too much for us: the seats, for a start, are designed to host your average pygmy; we couldn't really tolerate it for that long.
From the photography point of view - one of the reasons why I like going to see the tennis - the quarters are better. The crowd is more noisy and tends to cheer one side or the other, so you get the opportunity to take lots of photos without people looking at you as if you've just killed the match with the camera's shutter noise.
We got our tickets through Amex, a sponsor. They're supposed to be quite good - they get special allocations at the normally reserved part of the arena. Still, given that it's Amex we're talking about, I'm sure they'll make a mistake and send me tickets to the day session instead of the night one.
Anyway, see you at Rod's place on 15/1/2007. The women's match starts at 19:00, but the gates open at 17:00.

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