Saturday, 28 October 2006

The house is too big without you

Exactly a week after they arrived, we said goodbye to our English guests.
It's quite sad, actually: by the time we started getting used to having them here with us, they went away. The mayhem and noise and the mess that accompanies Jane wherever she goes; the easy going of Jo's mother, who is obviously the one in the family that makes sure things get going; and, needless the say, the baby Georgia, who is very cute and by now we got used to her and to playing with her. I've got myself into a nice family through Jo, and it's a pity I can't get deeper inside; for a start, they could use someone to show them how to do things over the internet.
Once again we remember the worst thing about Australia: it is too far from anywhere else, to the point that years pass between us seeing the members of our family. We ended up not seeing my family at all this year, and similarly we haven't seen Jo's father; and that's just family, without mentioning friends.
When we got back home from the airport things felt strange. Everything was so quiet and empty it was uncomfortable; it didn't feel like our house.
But everything very dirty, too, so the rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning. We rented some DVD's (you know where you'd be able to read their reviews), and Jo cooked the lentil soup we like so much which she wouldn't cook to her family because she suspected they would be overcome by taste. Food was where we had to let go too much this week because of all sorts of weird reasons (as in the availability of children's high chairs at restaurants), and I could definitely feel how the increased amount of junk in my system is making me feel like shit. It's amazing how bad chips can make me feel today - I just can't cope with fried food anymore; I should learn to control myself in front of them.
And so we attempt to go back to our regular routine. Despite the fact we didn't leave home, the last week definitely took our minds off work and off routine, so it would still feel very weird to go to work come Monday.
For now, happy daylight savings time! Better late than never.

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