Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Holiday destination acquired

Jo has booked us this year's Xmess - New Year's vacation.
As marked on the map, we will be staying for two days (the weekend before Xmess) in Lakes Entrance, to be followed by three days in Merimbula on the other side of the Victoria - New South Wales border.
In both places we will be staying in bed and breakfasts. The plan is to take books with us and relax, have long drives and do some walks in some of the many parks and beaches the area has to offer.
I have only been to this area once before, back in 2001 when I drove the east coast on my own as a tourist. I basically just drove past, with the main stop being for a pizza based lunch in Lakes Entrance. I also bought the Akubra hat I wore for the rest of my trip in Lakes Entrance. Merimbula was a very nice place full of accommodation places where I wanted to stay in for the night, but due to school holiday everything was full and I had to settle for a cheap motel out of town.
However, the main thing I remember from back then was how lovely the Princess Highway linking Melbourne and Sydney through the beach was. The drive was fascinating: I measured almost 45 minutes without any car coming in from the opposite direction on a road that's a sports car's delight. I just wonder how it would look like now: will the fasicnating scenery still look fascinating after living in Australia for close to five years?
Anyway, we should have a good time.

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