Thursday, 19 October 2006

He's a Family Guy

I've been dangerous this morning.
You see, I got up at 4:40am to watch Chelsea convincingly beat Barcelona in what was quite an entertaining match (they say they're handing out cash prizes to those that managed to spot Ronaldinho on the pitch); alas, it made me totally unable to focus and concentrate. I think I even knocked a few people off the pavement on my train commute through the loss of peripheral vision.
Still, as far as being dangerous is concerned, this is nothing it comparison to the packed concentration of English danger we will be receiving on Saturday night: Jo's mother, sister, and niece will be paying us a visit for a week.
The key word here is "niece", as she is just a bit older than a year and at the stage where the order of the day is crawling and putting stuff in her mouth. Given that our house is not exactly child friendly, with the kilometers of cable adoring our stereo setup and the high concentration of rather expensive electronic gadgetry per cubic meter, we spent the last two weeks moving stuff about and clearing the way. The living room looks quite different now, and it would look even different-ier when we move the guitar and front speakers away.
I suspect we won't be sleeping much next week; while the adults in the family (Jo's mother) will probably manage the jetlag, the not so adults (Jo's sister and her baby) will probably wake us up at night quite consistently. For this reason we've charted a list of external activities for us to do together in the sun, in the hope of setting their internal clocks to the local time.
It is funny to note in a sad sort of way that Jo's family faced exactly the same problems we faced when booking their flights; that is why they'll be here now and not on Xmess, and that is why they will only be here for a week (which is a bit of a shame considering the distance).
I think the prospects for the niece are quite exciting. She will probably not realize it now, but having people she could always come and visit in Australia could easily mean the difference that would make her growing up exciting.
Anyway - I'm looking forward to having some time off work and to entertaining the family. And also to seeing how is it like to live with a toddler full time...

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