Monday, 23 October 2006

Going pro

For the "measly" fee of $25 (USD), I became a pro account holder at Flickr today.
This means that they publish all the photos that I upload, as opposed to the last 200; that I can upload up to 2gb a month, instead of 200mb; and other bonuses that don't really amount to much but never mind - we all heard, about a week ago, that Yahoo! shares fell down following a significant reduction in expected income, so I'm just doing my share to support them.
Anyway, the true implications on my Flickr account are that now I will upload photos at print-worthy quality, because I don't need to worry about space limitations anymore. Especially as I noticed that I keep uploading more and more photos, whereas before I acted as more of a filter to stop the crappy ones from sneaking past.
The real implication of that is that now relatives do not have to ask me for prints or for CD's: all the worthy photos will be up there, and everyone can grab 'em and do whatever they would like to do with them.
But that's obviously not going to happen and I've obviously just wasted some $40 of my money. Why? Because when we asked the relatives that we currently have at hand, Jo's family, as to whether they have a look at our photos over the web they said they never [ever] accessed it. What they do remember is losing the photo CD's we sent them a year ago. Needless to say, my side of the family is just as useless - they don't have internet access in the first place; they refuse to touch that beastly thing that's all in English.
So where does this leave me? It leaves me as Don Quichotte. I will do my best to be up there and to offer what I consider to be the best solution, even if no one will ever use it. At least I'll feel good with myself.

P.S. I think I should tell you that you can get a service that in many respects is superior to Flickr through the new version of Google's Picasa web facilities. The reason why I'm stuck with Flickr is its superior integration with my blog, something that is a bit silly when you consider that my blog is Google based.

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Anthony said...

Don't worry Moshe. I look at the pictures and I've downloaded a few too!