Monday, 30 October 2006

Blogger problems

I have to break regular broadcasting in order to let you know that over the past week or so both of my blogs have been plagued with a mysterious illness.
Whenever I try to post something, I get this weird error message telling me of java script errors when the blog is trying to republish itself. It is obviously no problem of mine but rather a problem with Google's blog publishing engine; so far the cure has been to simply try again and again, but it seems to have been growing worse and worse and trying again and again does not always work.
I have already saved a couple of upcoming posts as Word document, waiting for a cure to be found. Blogging already takes too much of my time, so wrestling around with these technical issues is not my way of having fun with the PC.
I'll see how it goes in the upcoming days. Google seems to think that by sticking a "beta" label on the facilities they provide they can get away with anything, so if trouble persists I'll investigate moving to greener pastures - say, WordPress.

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