Thursday, 19 October 2006

The Bill and I

Who said writing doesn't pay?
I just got a call from Dymocks, an Australian chain pf book stores, which unlike Borders is actually genuinely Australian but just as expensive. They told me that I won their Bill Bryson competition!
The prize is a full set of Bryson's books. Pity I already have most of them, yet I'm sure we can use them as gifts or just sell them on eBay before Xmess; we actually already sold a couple of his books quite successfully, as both Jo and I had the same books in our collection.
In order to join the competition I had to write something about why I like his books. I wrote the same thing I actually told Bryson when we met him at a presentation / book signing some two years ago in Melbourne: that his book on Australia (which I won't name because it has different names in different countries) that I purchased back in 2000 before visiting Australia as a tourist has significant responsibility to the fact I now live in Australia as a citizen.
Regardless of that, it's always nice to win things - and even nicer when the prize is some excellent books.

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