Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Battlestar Galactica the Third

In case you didn't know, the third season of the new Battlestar Galactica series started airing in the USA a couple of weeks ago.
I have no idea what the plans are for off the air broadcasting in Australia - I lost track of Channel 10's miserable performance during the first season - but you can find the first three episodes of season three on the inernet.
So I was told.

By the way, if you're looking for the best thing on off the air TV at the moment, look no further than Family Guy on Channel 7 (Thursday nights). It's a cartoon, and it's great and creative - the way The Simpsons used to be when they started. Last week's episode featured a cameo by Pamela and Bobbie Ewing (I kid you not).
And if you can't make it on Thursday night, I am sure you'd be able to find it on the internet, too. Or so I was told.

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Anthony said...

Watched the mini series recently and was impressed. Will be getting season one and working my way up-to-date soon.