Wednesday, 20 September 2006

You watch your plane flying across the clear blue sky

Right about now, a plane with our names on it - seats and all - is taking off Melbourne Airport heading for Hong Kong. Without us, that is, because we officially cancelled our trip a couple of weeks ago.
We would have spent the next 10 days (minus flight and airport time) in Israel, followed by a similarly long stint in England. Enough to say hi to the family without them managing to drive us too crazy (although that is inevitable with any family visit). It wouldn't have been a great vacation, as vacations go, because a family visit is significantly different to proper travel; you may wait for it with great anticipation, but just like Xmas the waiting never seems to be worth it.
That said, the worst thing about living in Australia is that you are totally disconnected from your family. Experiences like, say, a cancer scare, just don't communicate as well to worrying family members across the seas; they're never on the same page as you are, for better or for worse. The same applies to the other side: both Jo's side and my side is in the business of raising babies, and we're as connected to the experience as the earth is connected to the moon.
So what I'm trying to say is that family visits are like a tax you have to pay when you live in Australia, whether you like it or not. And the fact that we didn't manage to have a go at it this time around is a major upset. And what worries me more is that with the other plans on our agenda, it's highly doubtful we'd ever be able to go for a family visit with the same trouble free and worry free attitude we had before the latest cancer scare.
Talking about cancer scare, my rehabilitation progress seems to have taken a small step back since the bandages were removed. The cut seems to have healed, but it's the definition of ugly. Looks aside, it itches like I don't know what, and for some unexplainable reason it hurts now when I move in ways that stopped hurting a day or so before the bandages were removed. I was hoping to go back to work for half a day tomorrow (Thursday), but instead I'm aspiring for a short Friday visit. It's going to be tricky, though: by far the biggest challenge is tying my shoe laces, and for now I get away with it by not wearing shoes with laces. I'm also wearing track suits quite exclusively, and both are privileges I won't be able to enjoy when I head back to my office works.
But at least I have something to look forward to, given that flights abroad are out of scope for now.

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