Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Some say that's progress, I say that's cruel

Both Jo & I were thinking today on how lucky we are, given present circumstances, that we're no longer in the race to acquire more and more money and instead we've realized that work is just a side thing we do in order to be able to live our lives. And our lives are fine, thank you, with the means we currently have; we don't need a bigger house or a bigger car to feel better, we have enough.
Just think of what the consequences were if we were still in the race. For a start, regardless of what's going on now, we would both be miserable: it's a race you just can't win with the current odds.
Add my current situation into the equation, and then imagine what things were like if I was to work as a contractor instead having a permanent job. Yes, I'd be earning more money when I'm healthy, but what was to be of my professional career now? I'd be totally fucked - no income and zero certainty about the future.
And the problem is that the contracting way of life is the future, at least according to what the people at the helm of this country are concerned. The industrial relations laws are all about the power of the individual to bargain; well, what bargaining can one do with a couple of tumors up one's ass? It's all perfectly fine when all is perfectly fine, but once things are not fine - and eventually they will not be fine for each and every one of us, often more than once - than things are totally fucked. Unless you're a multi millionaire, a status that almost surely means that in order for you to get there you have to be totally fucked up.
If that's progress then consider me healthy.

Talking about progress that is more like stepping backwards, according to the August edition of "Widescreen Review" Sony has released a new line of rear projection TVs. They look exactly like the one we got a couple of months ago - a series that was only out there for about six months or so.
However, the new lineup uses LCoS technology - Liquid Crystal on Silicon, or SXRD the way Sony likes to call it. It's an LCD projector on a chip, and because it's all enclosed it has double the contrast and the blacks and it can easily achieve superior resolutions. Thus the new lineup has a much better picture and a 1080p resolution instead of our 720p - and all this for only 30% more damage to your wallet.
I'm sure that in two months' time these new TVs will be obsolete, too.
But more interestingly, it definitely appears as if LCoS is the technology to beat at the moment. The 71" LG model I talked about here before was the first I've seen and it was also the best I've seen; I just hope that people will see the light instead of following the hype and fall for shit plasmas and LCD panels just because that's where the manufacturers want them to be.

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