Saturday, 2 September 2006

Sexy French

Today I had the pleasure of doing what they call at work "a lifestyle presentation": a presentation on how digital cameras work and what's important in digital cameras. The presentation was before all the IT people at work, plus some visitors who were there to do the presentations before/after me. Altogether, some 120 people or so.
The presentation went along fine, and despite the projector totally distorting some of my photos I was still able to convey what I wanted to convey and the audience seemed to have enjoyed it.
The funny things took place after the presentation.
immediately after going back to my seat, I was asked by a fellow employee "I want to buy a TV; what's the best TV to buy?" Well, what can one say about that? I started with the usual speech I'm so used to, the "there is no such thing as the best TV, there is the best TV for you". Obviously, people are not aware of the fact that you can buy a TV for hundreds of thousands of dollars if you really want to.
Before I managed to delve deeply into my speech, I was interrupted by another guy who was interested in buying an MP3 player. He was more technically oriented, and we had a bit of a discussion of the merits of lossy compression and how the MP3 players in the market don't really aim at those who want sound quality.
The top of the comments award goes, however, to the manager of HR. She was there to do the presentation following mine; her comment was that she thought I was good and that she really loved my sexy French accent.


K Williams said...

And as we say in France, "Allez les Bleus!"

Anthony said...

Must be all that time spent watching Wenger, Henry, Pires et al! Magnifique!