Thursday, 14 September 2006


I have to warn you all in advance that you won't get to read much in the way of philosophical discussions with this entry. It will be more to do with much more elaborate things such as going to the toilet.
The purpose is to describe my headway as far as surgical recovery is concerned, and the best title I could come up with to describe it is "Misery". And here's why...
The thing I feared the most after the operation, at least as short range fears are concerned, was physical pain. However, although it's definitely there, it's not as bad as I thought it would be; and whatever's there can be controlled with pain killers. It's funny, because the level of my mobility seems to be more to do with how many pain killers I took and when rather than anything else.
However, you do pay for the services of the pain killers. Their other main effect on me, other than the killing of pain, seems to be constipation. My problem with constipation is pretty simple: once I have it, I automatically get headaches.
I told you already that I'm having a hard time blowing my nose or going to the toilet, and the saga still continues. The stupidest thing about it is that now I seem to be more miserable from the constipation derived headache than from the pain itself. The headaches mean I can't really read, can't watch TV (even if I taped last night's Champions League action), can't really blog (and I have the first ever 5 star R-Views review to report on)... All I can seem to do is to lie down in bed, which is pretty boring and doesn't negate the headache either.
Another thing to do with lying in bed while taking antibiotics and pain killers is that I seem to be dreaming weird dreams. Instead of having my usual inflight entertainment, I have to settle with weird stuff that's not entertaining at all.

So this is it. Three days after having the operation I'm closer to going mental than I am to recovering. I did get some nice flowers from work (photos in my Flickr page) and I did get the good news about the no-cancer, but these things also serve to show how much we don't know and how helpless we really are in the face of things that we don't really know much about. Like constipation.
To finish off, I have to make the following recommendations:
1. Do your best not to have cancer, not even a suspected one.
2. Do your best to avoid surgery.
I know this sounds like I'm joking, and I am, yet there are plenty of idiots out there who seriously contemplate stuff like plastic surgery. So there you go.


ek said...

In regards to your constipation, if you can be bothered, you should try those Metamucil drinks which help you "go". Or even a handful of dried prunes help!

That is all I had to add!

Moshe Reuveni said...

I started taking something today based on the doctor's recommendation, and so far it has a limited effect (better than before, lots of room for improvement).
I don't know what Metamucil is but I will look it up if I still constantly feel like shit (thanks!).
As for prunes: they share the same classification as bah!-nanas and rasins. They're the devil, in short! I am drinking soy milk and had bran rcih stuff this morning, and that seemed to have been effective.