Sunday, 24 September 2006

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go

Well, unless lightning will strike me as I leave our house tomorrow morning (highly likely given the crazy weather we've had in Melbourne today, and Sydney was far worse to get the outer edges of the same circular storm), I will be going to work tomorrow.
I still have the same problem I've reported here before, with the surgical cut's area being still swollen and thus sensitive to being rubbed by the pants. After Thursday's walk on the wild side I called the doctor who did the operation (who seems to refer to himself as a Mr, but we saw something that says he's an Asoc Prof); he said this could easily go on for a month or more after the operation, and I shouldn't really worry about that. Which took me by a bit of a surprise as before the operation he told me he expects me to be able to go to work within a couple of days of rest, which I guess can apply if you have a chauffeur and you happen to go to your work as the specimen at a sleeping laboratory in your private jet, which of course has a First Class bed for you to use.
To be on the constructive side, the doctor suggested putting some padding on the cut: anything from a piece of cotton to a bandage or a woman's sanitary pad. So on Friday I went to the pharmacy near us to have a look, and I ended up with this large bandage like pad that I can cut into shape and tape on me with this paper tape that doesn't hurt when you pull it off (the sanitary pads were disqualified due to their rather odd shape). I tested it during the weekend and it seems to work, although it would probably not hold for an entire day and would require "maintenance".
Maintenance is the key word here, because I find that I need relief from pants rather often. I have no idea how I'm going to accomplish that at work, as the toilets are not that accommodating; I guess it would be a challenge. As well as a good excuse to take things easy and leave for home early. That said, I am looking forward to going back to work: staying home is nice, and I get to watch films aplenty and read a lot, but I miss the social interaction that you get at work. In short, it's nice to have time off work, but it's not nice to have it because you happen to be sick.
So there you go. Tomorrow's weather forecast is for a "back to winter" 6 degrees in the morning, when I will be off to work with my business shirt untucked, an origami bandage on my wound, and my track suit pants ready to be deployed in case of emergency in my backpack.

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