Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Apology accepted, Captain Needa?

I would like to apologize for what I wrote in this very blog not that long ago about the value of friends' support at this time, whether it is through something they do, something we do together, or most often something they say as they're on the other side of the world.
No, these things do not go directly do the trash folder; they are highly valued, and it was/would be terribly stupid for me to dismiss them just like that. I know because I've been there before on the other side.
What I do find annoying, though, is when someone like my mother calls me and starts crying over the phone and saying things like "oh, maybe it would have been better if you were in Israel". She can say these things because she's my mother, but I find such words annoying for two main reasons. First, it's bullshit to discuss things that might have been; had I filled the six winning lottery numbers I know of today a week ago, I would have been rich, but so what. And I totally ignore the fact that being in Israel would have contributed nothing to my current affairs other than make me annoyed that I live in a crap place (no offence, Israelis).
The second thing I find annoying with such comments is that at a time when we should be receiving support we find ourselves required to give others support. We should be cheered up but instead we are being actively depressed. So far I'm coping with it because of the simple fact that I am not depressed at all - I take things the way they are; but that's a rarity. And I'm also stressed aplenty, so yes - I can do without this added stress.

So, to sum up: I apologize for turning the anxiety generated by a few people's comments on everyone else. Anyone that reads this blog should know by now that I'm a stupid idiot anyway.
Do you thing Darth Vader would accept this apology? We watched Empire again on Saturday. What a great film!

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