Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Slave to the Rhythm

I've been talking lately quite a lot about countries having double standards, but here I go on my own to break a few standards in broad daylight.
I'm talking about buying the Toshiba Gigabeat S60 today (at JB Hi Fi for $516). I know I can live happily ever after without it, I know that now is perhaps not the best of times to acquire another gadget, yet I couldn't stop thinking about it.
Jo has given up on me ages ago - she's tired of my MP3 player comparison speeches.
So there we go: I keep spilling my guts with statements on how we should avoid consumption for the sake of it and I go and consume money that would be much better off in our mortgage account on some bullshit imaginary need instead.
At JB we also spotted the DVD of the Muppet Show's first season. 24 episodes - that's 600 minutes for you - on four DVDs at a meager $25. So we got it (but it sure feels strange to actually buy DVDs at this day and age).
We watched an episode and a half. The first episode immediately cranked off with Animal's great performance of "manah manah", which was great; the guest stars are all unknown people who we might have known when we were two year olds; but overall, and despite some energy crisis jokes that helped identify that it's a seventies series, the Muppet Show looks like something that withstood the test of time much better than most of the old stuff we think we liked that feels like stupid shit when we actually get to watch it. I would say this one is pure excellent entertainment for kids and adults, regardless of the "those were the golden days" element Jo & I share. [Note a proper review will come up once we watch it all]
So when I'll be staying at home after my upcoming operation, I know what I'd be watching! (Arsenal downloads, of course, because Jo wouldn't miss the Muppets)

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