Saturday, 5 August 2006

The Mote in Moshe's Eye

"And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?" Matthew 7:3

I woke up on Thursday morning and something was weird. It took five minutes or so until I realized what was happening: the vision of my right eye was all blurry.
It's not like this is the first time this happened to me. From time to time I would get this layer of gunk floating on top of my eye, usually after I forget myself and poke a finger in my eye to massage it.
This time, though, it was different: washing didn't take the blurriness away, artificial tears did nothing to elimiate the blurry effect, and careful examination of the eye in a mirror didn't show up anything other than a brown cornia.
So yes: I panicked. When something like that happens, I want to know why.
At work I couldn't concentrate at all and I was as productive as a laptop with a dead battery in the middle of a desert.
Eventually I decided to go and see a doctor. I did some calls and eventually I found this doctor that would see me on the day, but he was totally useless: "I can't see anything, but if you have the same problem tomorrow come again and I'll write you a hospital referral". Thank you very much; it's only my eyesight that you're talking about.
So I booked an appointment for Friday with an optometrist to have a proper examination of my eyes. I left work early and went to bed early, to try and sleep it over (hence the lack of recent blogging).
On Friday morning things were still blurry, but they were also better. By lunch time my right eye was ok again, just in time for the optometrist's appointment (who, surprise surprise, couldn't find anything wrong with my eye).

Bottom line is that I still have no idea what happened there, what caused it, and whether it would happen again. I have my suspicions: We've been under lots of stress lately, and together with the extra salt from gobbling stupendous amounts of sunflower seeds in a short period something might have happened there. I've also not been sleeping much lately, settling for a bit more than six hours of sleep per day (with significantly more during weekend).
But if there is anything I do blame for the problem it's the corrective laser eye surgery I've had. Since I had that done five years ago I no longer need to wear eyeglasses, but I keep on having these first encounters of the third kind on a regular basis with all sorts of things taking place with my eyes that I never even dreamt of before the operation.
To use Ben Elton's lingo, that eye surgery is all garnish. Yes, I don't need glasses, but so what? What difference does it make? We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch, so what I've gained by not wearing glasses for now I'm paying back with all sorts of shit taking place with my eyes. Yes, most of the people that do the eye surgery thing are happy with it, but I just can't believe I fell for something that starts and ends with cosmetics.
So maybe Jo wouldn't have fallen for me if I was to wear glasses on that day we first met. But then again the same logic can be applied on pretty much every little thing that happens in life. What I do think now is that since for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, one shouldn't go messing about with important stuff one doesn't know much about.


Anonymous said...

Strange but the same issue you are refferning to, was something we disucssed something like a year ago, from the small world I know, people with glasses are with people with glasses, without without are with people without it, don't start telling me that there are the exception, off course, but from the poeple I know, this take for most of them.
since I did the eye laser action I lost a lot of my night vision, but I'm not sorry for a second as without the glasses I feel much better (even I was told I'm fat).
I don't really think that your current condition got any connection to something that happened 5 years, feel good.

Moshe Reuveni said...

So that's the thing the world runs by? Give George W Bush a pair of eyeglasses and hand one over to Bin Laden, and all the world's troubles will be over?

ek said...

I've never really considered laser eye surgery despite my terrible eye sight.

But I'm glad you've mentioned this (I do recall you telling me you weren't happy with it in the past), it's good to know.

I have few troubles with my contact lenses myself...just very dry eyes. I manage to put up with it though.

Anyway, I hope your right eye continues to perform as expected!

Moshe Reuveni said...

I've always had dry eyes. As a result, when I tried contact lenses, I had to use hard ones (and I just couldn't stand them and gave up on them after a couple of months).
After the laser surgery, though, my eyes became much more drier...

Moshe Reuveni said...

P.S. Thanks.

uri said...

Do you know what your blood pressure is? How about your blood-sugar level?
At the examination, did the Doctor do the pupil dilation thing?
Eye scares are, well, scary.

Moshe Reuveni said...

Well, I know my sugar levels and my blood pressures are fine becuase of all the tests I've done recently for something completely different which you know about. And yes they did inflate my pupils with these tear drops and as a result I was blinded for Friday afternoon and all of Melbourne looked as if it was heavily Photoshopped into something very surrealistic.

I suspect my problem is due to stress. I noticed that whenever I think of Israel lately, and in particular the fact that I'm about to disappoint my family and not see them in September, I get this major headache; I suspect it's one of those side effects that got my eye.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions, which I really appreciate.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, why did they test you? what is this secret, the perpose of blog it to tell not to keep secrets, are they testing to see if you are "Australian Mist", well I can tell then that you are "Felis silvestris" if I was asked, if they need more a "classic black and white Tuxedo" might also assist

Moshe Reuveni said...

If you were a careful reader of this blog you might have guessed why I was tested. I'll tell you next time we meet (in Paris?).
But anyway, as per your theory: Jo is allergic to cats but she's fine with me. MASHAL.