Monday, 14 August 2006

It's a Wonderful Life

Careful readers of this blog and some of you with whom I discussed this will know that I've been going through lots of medical stuff lately.
It all started a bit after I started my new job in March, when I started feeling this dull pain. It was actually something I've had before, but whereas before it came and went this time around it came and stayed for a while and then came again and stayed longer.
The initial round of tests resulted in several irregularities, but overall the picture was acceptable. As a precaution, I was told to redo some of the tests again 3-4 months later, just to be on the safe side.
Well, the results of the safe side tests came back almost a couple of weeks ago, but I got the distilled and analyzed version today. And the picture is not good: During the past months the irregularities that were there before grew, with the imminent conclusion being that I have a tumor. I won't go into too many details, but I will say that the word that springs into mind whenever the word "tumor" is mentioned was mentioned.
I am still not in a position where I know half as much as I would like to know about what's going on etc, but what is pretty clear is that I will need to go through an operation sooner rather than later. As a side effect, we can pretty much kiss all of our already pretty shattered travel plans away.
As far as worries go, what I was told is that because we're talking early stages here things should be fine overall. Not that the mere thought of being cut and the pain involved with it make me terribly happy.
I'll put it this way: I could definitely do with losing some weight, but I could easily think up better ways for achieving that.


Anthony said...

Sorry to hear your bad news, Moshe. Thinking of you and Jo. Hope things work out okay. Take care.

ek said...

I'm sorry to hear about the news Moshe.

Stay strong and if you ever would like to chat - you know I'm just a email or phone call away. In the past I've experienced something similar with a now, ex-partner. We got through it, and I know it is quite a bit to go through.

Take care - ek

K Williams said...

It's the kind of news one does not want to hear...

But stay strong and level-headed. Unless you have been told for sure, it does not mean it's bad news. Get it out and see what the doc think.

If there's anything you need (even a whinge), just say so.

Good luck, take care and be optimistic.

Moshe Reuveni said...

Thanks to all of you - I appreciate it (it's funny just how much you appreciate it when you need it).
To address Kostas' point: While we don't know the fine print yet, the problem appears (and feels, too) very real.
Guess we'll see how we go. At the moment there's a huge aura of uncertainty around it all.

Martin Wain said...

Chin up, keep all your friends about you; We're all here to support you when ever you need it.

If you need to get your mind off it, let us help you keep yourself busy.

If you need to talk about it, MSN, email, Skype, gtalk, Coffee Call, dinner, arvo-games, etc, etc, etc. We don't do much anyway.

Don't feel you have to front this alone.

We love ya.