Friday, 11 August 2006

Home, where my thoughts escape me

What is happening to this world?
I am referring, of course, to the news regarding liquid bomb related plans on UK flights. We have all the mess going on with Israel to disrupt our shattered travel plans, we really needed some balance with the English side of things.
Needless to say, I don't see what the fuss is all about. On a plane, 10 kilometers up there, even the slightest of fires will cause a crash; and to generate that fire all one needs is a bottle of duty free vodka and some matches. You don't need sophisticated liquid explosives.
But the results are there already: For now, flights out of the UK will not allow any on board luggage, period.
Not even my precious PDA will be allowed on board. Just the agony of thinking how it's faring down there, smashed between all the suitcases, is enough to agonize me throughout the flight.
Not to mention my other toys, like the upcoming Toshiba Gigabeat S60 MP3 player. It just arrived to Australian shores and sells for $550 (circa $500 post duty free), and although it is inferior to the Creative Zen Vision M in many respects (no radio recording, no Divx support, shorter battery life, and worst of all - inferior sound quality) it does have a few advantages, the most notable of which is some extra gigs in the form of 60gb of storage. That's enough for all my CDs and then some.

With all that's been going on -
  • The medical stuff I've been going through lately, which just seems to get worse and worse;
  • The situation in Israel;
  • The resulting stress, which affects me enough to blur my vision and cause me migraines;
  • The big disappointment of not seeing my family while fully realizing that at my parents' age I will not see them many more times;
  • My mother driving me crazy with guilt because we're not about to visit Israel;
  • And now this mess with flights to the UK,
my thoughts are firmly homeward bound. I'm thinking: Fuck it all, I don't want to go overseas.
Just let me go for a few days up to northern Queensland and relax by the Great Barrier Reef.


K Williams said...

To start with, I really think you should give your eyes a rest. Writing blogs post-midnight does not help (not that you should stop writing blogs, but your eyes are a priority).

Because we didn't catch up this week, I hope you're pursuing hard on the eye issue. Private consultation would help with a. accelerating the prognosis therefore putting your mind at ease and b. any remediation (if necessary).

As for the guilt from your mother - I sympathise. I get it every time I talk to mine... But I'm sure she'd rather know that you're well and in one piece than risking flights to Israel right now.

It's never easy. And it gets worse as you get older.

As for the vodka, well... The wise Russians made it for pleasure and warmth. The mad people of today's world may decide to burn it to cause chaos. The fact that they blow themselves up in the process just says it all!

Anthony said...

On a lighter note, just think of all the great food you'll miss if you don't come to England!

Moshe Reuveni said...

Thanks for the advice.

A comment to Kostas:
As far as my parents are concerned, there is zero risk in coming to Israel. Nothing happens in Tel Aviv, and aside of poor morale life goes on as usual. I know that fairly well because I have been there before in similar situations (been as in lived there), and I know the psyche.
While I'm aware that this realization that Tel Aviv is fine may work for me, I'm also aware that it doesn't apply to Jo.
Which brings me to say that the thing I'm afraid of the most in visiting Israel is not being hit by a rocket, but rather being called to the army.

And a comment for Anthony:
Thanks for making me laugh!

ek said...

Ah, reading your blog post actually sort of related a bit to what I was doing last week - booking flights back to Perth. I was thinking long and hard about whether or not to visit my family and Pete and I decided to go. So it's booked in over Christmas...

I hope it all goes smoothly for you anyway...take it easy!