Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Having a ball

Yesterday we finally got to meet my specialist doctor and get a proper update on my situation. I say finally because all we've been getting over the last two weeks were a couple of phone calls and lots of unanswered question, and with the uncertainties came lots of tension.
The conclusion was that there is no real risk, and the real question at hand is how many pieces will have to be excavated. And then there is also the issue of how big an ordeal this is going to be, and whether I will have the opportunity to add words that start with "chemo" and "radio" to my ever expanding vocabulary.
At this stage we will go to see another specialist for the mandatory second opinion to tell us that I really need to go through an unorthodox weight reducing operation (and I'm being cynical because by now it is fairly obvious that this is going to be what we will be hearing from the second opinion) after which I will have myself an operation. The doctor estimated it would take a couple of weeks till we get there, so it would probably take a month.

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