Sunday, 27 August 2006

Barwon Heads

With all the latest action we've been going through lately, it is obvious that work is not really at the top of our agendas. And since we definitely need to clean our heads a bit, and since we are not about to do it in the Euro trip we've been planning for a while, we decided to try and do active stuff over the weekend.
We also decided to extend the weekend by taking an extra day off tomorrow (Monday) so that we'll get to have the opportunity to do even more stuff. I didn't get any problems with work interfering on this grand design: they're extremely supportive.
Anyway, this morning Jo woke up ahead of me (I find that one of life's greatest pleasures is sleeping late on a weekend), and had a bit of a read through the Lonely Planet Victoria book of ours to try and find something worthwhile. She found a few interesting options, but we've opted for the Barwon Heads one: it's a small river inlet that pours into the sea not far from Queenscliff - just a bit away from the entrance to Port Phillip Bay (check out Google Earth for further insight...).
Our friends Martin & Yvette joined us (and Arnika had no choice). It turned out to be a very good choice: very tranquil, very scenic. We had breakfast at a place called "Pod", which reminded me of reading this week that Apple has threatened to sue anyone who uses the name "pod". Then we had a walk around the beach and the cliffs and all, and we finished it all up by having a snack at this greenhouse like place (that was really warm) located right at the water edge. Check out the photos in my Flickr page.
Another thing worth mentioning is how we turned into Inspector Gadgets in our drives. Navigation duties are now the role of the GPS receiver, which talks using Bluetooth to my PDA, which runs the navigation software; we have no idea where we are or where we're going, we just follow its instructions. And music is provided by our new Toshiba Gigabeat S60 MP3 player (a review will come up soon, eventually, on R-Views) which is connected to our Belkin Tunecast II FM transmitter. In short, we are lucky our Honda CR-V Canyonero has this table between the driver and the passenger, where we can put all the gadgets.
We came back home tired from the overdose of fresh air, but quite happy too.

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