Friday, 14 July 2006

Today's letter to The Age

Dear sir/madam,

Ever since I have started reading The Age a few years ago, I was always amazed at the editor’s daily habit of printing a letter, written by someone with a Jewish name and saying the Palestinians are bad, and countering it by another letter, written by someone with an Arab sounding name and saying the Israelis are evil.
The thing I found so amusing about these letters, as well as the occasional Leunig cartoon, is that hardly any of them bother blaming their own side. Instead of mutual blame, these letters are almost always bent on blaming the other.
This seems to perfectly mirror reality: Israel commits atrocities on a regular basis while blaming the Palestinians for those very acts, and the Palestinians do their best to commit any horrors they are able to perform, compensating for their relative lack of means by sheer force of will.
Both sides are deadlocked in this effort to prove who can destroy more of the other, and frankly I do not see any way out for them until both sides have so totally destroyed one another that they no longer have the means to continue doing so.
At the personal level, I solved my problem by migrating to Australia. Here I am able to live next to ex-Palestinians quite peacefully, without any exchange of projectiles, and even develop friendships with them; which in the least helps me observe that the problem is not inherent to our genes.
If anything, it helps confirm my realisation that the holly land’s system of values is crooked. There is no hope for the area’s peoples until the “land” stops becoming the dominant value and life prevails instead.

Moshe Reuveni

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