Tuesday, 11 July 2006

The Sun Never Shines on TV

In my quest for that elusive download that would change my life around (not that it needs changing) I downloaded some of my favourite A-Ha videos from the eighties.

A-Ha is a bit of a weird phenomenon in my musical history records. Having grown up listening to my brother’s music, I was always into the more rocky material than the stuff I should have liked as someone who was shaped by the spirit of the eighties. The weird element is that while I didn’t like most of the music made in the eighties (or, to put it better, I didn’t like that eighties sound – which today, by the way, I despise), I did like A-Ha. Yes, they use that annoying synthesizer sound a lot, but they also rock, to one extent or another. And their vocalist is just so sexy!

Everyone remembers their “Take on Me” video, and there was a time when I regarded “Hunting High and Low” as their best song (I was so mellow), but in retrospect the A-Ha song I like the most is “The Sun Always Shines on TV”. This one has that noise element that I look for in bands that I actually respect.

It was fun watching that sun on TV video again. It didn’t look as impressive as it used to, probably due to the fact that the small window on my desktop where Media Player had a go at it was too small for comfort. And for the first time, I actually noticed the band is singing in a church, a fact I didn’t notice before simply because back then I never got to see a church (ok, I saw some, and even been to St Patrick’s in Manhattan, but they weren’t exactly something I would think of in the context of “oh, but of course, Watson, this was shot in a church”). Church or no church, though, the video is still just pompous pop culture trash.

Anyway, as narcissist reminiscing goes, A-Ha videos rank high.

Talking about the sun shining on TV, last night’s ABC late news had an interview with this oil specialist who claimed world oil production has peaked and that oil producing companies are severely overestimating their oil reservoirs’ capacities, and as a result oil prices will soon climb up to $150 a barrel, and as a result of that there will be no more “business as usual” and life as we know it will no longer continue as we know it.

TV has always been a good place for all doomsayers to express themselves, but this one will obviously be right (eventually), because humanity doesn’t seem to be doing much to find alternatives for oil’s historically cheap and abundant energy, and one day or the next there will be no more oil.

The effects of this no more oil thing are obvious: Everything, from food to houses, will be so much dearer; inflation will go berserk, interest rates will reach sky high levels no matter what John Howard promises. And we’ll have us a good few wars while the nations fight for the scrubs.

Makes you think about this wonderful world we live in and the shitty place we’re helping it become. Do our children really deserve this legacy?

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