Saturday, 1 July 2006

Stupid is as stupid does

Using the last breath of the end of the financial year sales, I went to try on a zipper equipped sweater at a shop. Trying to release the sweater from the clutches of its coat hanger, the coat hanger snapped like a well tuned spring to hit my lip. And now I have this red blotch on my lips and my front teeth still hurt.
Stupid, right? Sure, but not as stupid as the new copyright legislation about to be introduced by our beloved Australian government (at least according to The Age).
You see, at the moment it is illegal to tape TV material on your video player in order to time shift it. Yet there is no Australian out there that does not commit this ugly crime in broad daylight (yes, this very night I intend to tape the quarter finals so I'll watch them during the day and actually get to have some sleep).
After 20 years or so of living with this breach, the government has decided that enough is enough. Soon, Phillip Raddock, our heartless legislator, will introduce updates that would allow us to tape stuff (or basically, convert stuff from one format that we own to another) so that we can use it once again.
The catch here is on the word "once". According to this new law, we will only be allowed to watch taped material once. Rewound to watch that goal again? You just broke the law!
Yes, that's the definition of stupid. I mean, I appreciate the intention to update the law to contemporary reality, but in this day and age of bit torrents, who is going to pay any attention to such silly legislation?
Not me.
And, by the way, backing your stuff up will still not be allowed in Australia. If you bought a CD, a game, or a DVD and you want to make a backup of it - migrate to the USA.

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