Saturday, 1 July 2006

Someone else's problem

Here's an example for something that's really stupid that frustrates me.
When we had the new TV delivered, the delivery guy didn't follow normal customs and take the TV's box with him (so that it could join its mates in the great packaging material heaven up in the sky). Because it wasn't a conventional appliance delivery service, but rather just a courier service, we had to keep the box with us.
And now the question is how to get rid of it. We could just put it on the nature strip so that eventually some trash picking service would pick it up, but it would mostly serve as an advertisement to the less lovable members of society that we have a really nice and big TV to steal.
We could cut it up and put it in the recycling garbage box, but it's so big it would take a few rounds until we actually get rid of it all. And it's quite thick, so cutting it is not that trivial an affair (so far I used an angle grinder to cut bits of it - a knife failed to penetrate through the thick cardboard).
Or, we can adapt the strategy of making it someone else's problem. We could take a night drive and leave it next to an appliance shop - Harvey Norman, The Good Guys - and they should know what to do with it. We can even leave it next to the charity boxes near our Bi-Lo supermarket: everyone seems to be leaving their big trash there; if it's an old sofa or an old washing machine that you're after, Bi-Lo's charity boxes are the place to go. Problem is, I would like to be able to face myself in the mirror, and doing such a thing wouldn't help. I'm definitely hypocritical more than often, but that's going over the edge.

So for now the agreed solution is that we leave the box folded up in the backyard until the next weekend. On Thursday they'll empty the recycling box, so over the weekend we'll team work to chop the box down into little pieces and then get rid of it the way a decent serial killer gets rid of the bodies: piece by piece.

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