Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Short changed

Reading May's issue of Widescreen Review (I know, I'm behind; too much to read), I couldn't fail noticing Sony's release announcement for the TV that we ended up buying. They had similar ones before, but this release is for a TV that looks and specs exactly like ours.
I noticed two things in particular:

  • The American model of our TV has two HDMI inputs, while ours only has one. At the moment we're not using the one that we have, but soon enough I expect to be using many, as this would be the prime time input for HDTV material. We'll want our high def recorder to use it, our set top box, our Xbox 360, and our next generation DVD to use this input because it's the best; and therefore, I don't understand why Europeans / Australians get fucked by Sony.
  • The retail price for our TV in the USA is $2500, which is a tiny bit more than the $3200 Australian Dollars we paid for it here. However, it is a well known fact that no one pays retail price, which means that the bargain basement eBay price we got the TV for here is expensive in American terms. This means that Australians who buy this TV at a regular shop, paying anything between $3500 to $4000, simply get fucked, without knowing they get fucked, while someone in the middle makes a bundle of money without doing much. It's not like there are heavy taxes on such imports in Australia; this is pure greed we're talking about.
In other related news, Pioneer has announced the release of the first ever plasma display supporting the 1080p format. It joins the ranks of LCoS and DLP in this regard.
It's nice to know 1080p is breaking through; it should be supported by the new HD-DVD and Bluray formats.
Talking about these rival formats, it seems as if one manufacturer out there has some sense in their head: LG is working on a player that will do them both (pictured), saving us the anguish of a VHS vs. Beta replica fight.

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