Saturday, 15 July 2006

Shine on you crazy

By now you must have heard that Pink Floyd's founder, Syd Barrett, has died at the age of 60 about a week ago.
I cannot say I was a big fan of his: I like Pink Floyd, but I do not like the two albums the band has released under his leadership; they're too weird for me. Even if some of the songs are good, they do not make for particularly good albums.
That, however, cannot be said about Pink Floyd in general: Even though it is hard to point one finger at particular hit songs, they made damn good albums. Everyone knows about Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here, but there are also others - Atom Heart Mother, for instance - which are just smashing and are the reason why I can boast at owning all of Pink Floyd's albums on CD.
I don't listen to them much anymore, though; it's no longer my taste. Too depressing, if I have to point a finger. Not that I listen to much music nowadays - certainly not as much as I used to in the past, when listening to music was my main reason for being. But there were times in which Pink Floyd represented the bulk of my music listening, times in which I would have been perfectly happy with just listening to Dark Side again and again (and again).
These times have gone; today there is no real dominant artist in my music listening.
However, with all those disclaimers said, Pink Floyd will always be Pink Floyd for me - the band I got to know because my brother had Dark Side and Atom Heart Mother recorded on a green cassette (remember those?) and as a small kid I was always fascinated with the color of this green cassette. And although Barrett's songs don't shine in particular, he has obviously influenced the rest of the band enough to drive them in the right direction and at that mood that hits home when you're growing up and trying to realize why life and the world around you are just so fucked.

Guess I'm not much good at speaking for the dead.

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