Tuesday, 18 July 2006

The Pink Floyd conspiracy

Just a few days ago I discussed Syd Barrett's death on this very blog.
This morning I walked along Bourke Street's JB Hi Fi, only to see that their entire shop front window is full of ads for the "new" Pink Floyd DVD, Pulse. It's actually a recording from more than 10 years ago of a live show of theirs, which is admired mostly because it features a full and uninterrupted live version of Dark Side of the Moon. I know because I have it on laserdisc.
Thing is, don't you think it is more than a bit convenient to have Syd Barrett die exactly when Pink Floyd is in need for some public relations to support a new release of some of their old shit? Now I know this sounds far fetched, but given the lows record companies stoop to in their "fight" against the evil peer to peers, I wouldn't raise an eyebrow at all if I was to learn they were behind Syd's death, Constant Gardener style.
Now, what is the morale of this story? Simple: I should have sold my Pulse laserdisc back when I could have gotten $80 or more for it (just a year ago on eBay). Now no one would piss in its general direction. Or, to put it in other words: I should stop feeling attached to my gadgets and my collections once I stop using them; they're just pieces of metal and other chemicals, they don't love me back.

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