Monday, 31 July 2006

LED the way

As someone who prefers projectors of all types to the more common flat panels favored by your local electric shop that's out to make as much money as it can, I found the latest developments in the field of projection to be quite interesting.
Basically, some newer projectors now feature LEDs as the source of light instead of a lamp. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense! Instead of taking one not so long lasting and damn expensive light source and splitting its light to the three RGB base colors with a prism, you use a trio of RGB LED lights that will last till World War 4.
The effect should be most noticeable with DLP projectors, as those employ a flywheel to distribute the different colors around; well, no more flywheels, because LEDs could be switched on and off quickly enough to generate the exact color you want at the right time you want it. Better yet, by switching all LEDs off, you can actually create the perfect black, something that all projectors struggle with.

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