Tuesday, 4 July 2006

It's a kind of magic

Two things I forgot to mention in my lengthy TV review (aka "the case for high definition" from 3/7/06) and in my subsequent comments:
First is that our new TV has no screen-door effect what-so-ever. Don't ask me how Sony manage to do that: Have they been so efficient that the grid around the pixels is too small to detect? I doubt it. I think it's addressed by clever optics that utilize the fact our new TV actually has three projectors in it; by playing with the way the three overlap, they can create enough diffusion (which you don't really notice because of the high resolution) to hide the screen-door effect. But that's my theory only, I cannot substantiate it; I think it's either that or some clever form or sorcery.
Second thing is that our new TV doesn't suffer from that famous LCD problem of lag in response time. You see it in computer monitors all the time when movement is at hand, but I cannot see it on my much larger TV at all, even when fast movement takes place (ala football or pan shots). Again, don't ask me how they managed it; it must be a kind of magic.

If you are after the ultimate technology and are willing to wait a few years, they are about to release flat CRT based panels in a year or two. Wait until the prices come down, and you'll enjoy the benefits of CRT (best picture) on a flat pannel, something LCOS (being a projection technology) is unable to provide.

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