Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Israel, here we come

I was joking before, but with the situation in Israel deteriorating the way it does, maybe we should pass up the opportunity to visit this great land in September.
I just read in the Israeli papers that emergency reserves recruitment is being considered, now that the mess in Gaza has been joined by another mess in Lebanon. Given that the last thing I would care for is being called to the army again, I think I will give my travel agent a call tomorrow to ask exactly what is the deal if we decide to skip over Israel. Paris, for example, should be nice this time of the year.
It would probably cost us a lot to change things, though, with some of our flights being special non-refundable fares and even the rest already being paid for and ticketed. In fact, the only thing preventing me from going over to pick the tickets up from the travel agent is this ongoing mess; I would just hate to pick them and then come back to replace them.

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