Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Get a Grip

We just came back from watching Ben Elton's Get a Grip stand up show at the theater right opposite work (as opposed to the theater to the side of work where we watched a play last week).
By far, this was the best stand up show I've ever seen; probably also the longest, at close to two and a half hours.
What I find interesting about this show and other things I'm exposed to lately is how much the things that I am exposed to reflect the person I am and what I'm inclined to. Or may be it is the other way around?
For some reason, I keep noticing that the books I read (Ben Eltons, Asimovs), the music I listen to (Paul Simon's latest, an album more notable for its lyrics than its musical qualities), the movies I watch and the documentaries we watch on TV - they all seem to be discussing issues that trouble my mind lately. No, not the situation in Israel (which also troubles my mind, but mainly because I worry for friends and family), but rather issues such as global warming, sustainability, religion, political freedom, and similar stuff along these lines.
It's obvious that these things are not new: Ben Elton wrote the book I am reading now, Stark, a book about sustainability, in the late eighties; it's only now that I'm exposed to it.
It probably just proves that great minds think alike. Or that I am looking for what I am thinking of.


Renwick said...

I don't think it is that strange, only becuase I get the same feeling as well. I have noticed myself when walking into book shops no longer attracted by the SiFi/Fantasy Novels but by Science and political books - like the other day I saw one that I might buy in the future "My Isreal Question" I ithink that it's by an Aussie.

It might be different with you but for me I have noticed that as I have gotten older my interest in the world around me has increased.

I just thought that I might let you know that you aren't alone ;-)

Moshe Reuveni said...

Thanks for the thought.
I do think we're at a minority, though.