Monday, 24 July 2006

Food recycling

On Friday night, Jo cooked us a Thai dish with minced meat and brown rice. I was actually the one that cooked the rice (as in, I was the one that put the rice in the rice cooker, one of humanity's more clever inventions, and turned it on). As is our policy now, we prepared more rice than needed for the recipe, so we'll have leftovers. By now, brown rice has become our default rice: we like it more than regular rice for the same reason we prefer wholemeal breads to white breads - taste and health.
On Saturday, we had a barbecue with friends, featuring steaks (and discussed to death in my previous blog). To accompany the meat, Jo has prepared fried onions, fried mushrooms, and grilled potatoes. As we had so much meat, we couldn't finish all the side dishes (despite the cleanup this fat pig did on the grilled potatoes; Jo does them with these herbs (for the English amongst thee: they're added for that thing called taste) and I can't resist them).
And so on Sunday we had a leftover day. We got up late to have a breakfast/lunch (also known as blunch) featuring an omelette with feta cheese and leftover onions and mushrooms. It was awesome.
For dinner we've had stir-fry made of steak leftovers, brown rice, and other vegetables we've had around the house (including some more foreign herbs). It was great, too.
And we didn't have to throw away anything!

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