Saturday, 15 July 2006

Episode 3

We just finished watching Episode 3 which we have rented from Video Ezy. I'm emphasizing that it's a rental because it's such a badly made shit movie I feel it is important to stress that we did not bother departing with too much money for its sake.
I'm also mentioning it to let you know that Video Ezy has this deal where, if you show them your RACV membership card, you can rent one new film plus two weeklies for just $5.50; that's cheap enough to make you stop thinking twice about renting and to prevent you from buying DVDs, because at this cost it is cheaper to rent the DVD every time you want to watch it than to it is to copy and burn it.
I would also like to use the opportunity to discuss our newly purchased TV yet again. With the time we have had it and the programs we saw on it, plus the fact that yesterday commemorated our departure with my good old Sony 29" (sold for $300 on eBay), I think I should make a few points and correct a few mistakes.
First, regarding my claim that our new TV has zero screen-door effect: that claim was totally wrong. If you look at the TV from a very close range (say, half a meter or less), you definitely see the pixels and the grid surrounding them. It's subtle, but it's there. From our normal viewing position, which is about 2.5 meters away from the screen, you can no longer see a grid or identify single pixels, but overall the grid transforms itself into a bit of a haze effect that is visible when large patches of the same color are displayed.
Second, it is obvious that no matter how much you tweak the TV, an LCD will suffer from what LCDs suffer the most: blacks are not true blacks, and darker scenes suffer from lack of definition.
Those two points said, it is important to stress that I still think we bought the best TV we could get our hands on given size and budget limitations. It's just that I feel it is important to recognize its deficiencies as much as it is important to enjoy what is has to offer us, and believe me we have been enjoying that for the last few weeks with lots and lots of films as well as our favorite TV shows.
Value for money, we could have not done a better deal. To the perfectionists amongst thee who have enough space and a fatter wallet, I will again urge you to look at LG's 71" LCoS TV to rule them all.

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