Monday, 26 June 2006

When the walls come crumbling down

Yesterday, while looking for a plastic bag from the stash we hide under the kitchen sink, Jo discovered that the sink is leaking. Or rather, the pipes under the sink are. Great! I just love to mess around with plumbers.
I think the thing that I'm afraid of the most with my new job is plumbers. Not personally them, but rather the need to be at home in order to mess around with them. While at Ipex I could just stay at work until 20 minutes before they visit, pop home, and then pop back to work, now it's a logistical nightmare; by the time such an exercise is maneuvered, half the work day has vanished.
We called the plumber that did the work on our house before we bought it and it was obvious he wasn't in love with the idea of coming over to revisit his creation. We called a local one who came over and didn't really want to mess around with it because they were twisted and convoluted in order to fit the limited drawer space, which obviously hurt his artistic feelings (or, to put it another way, he didn't figure we'd be willing to pay for the job).
When called to actually do it, he wouldn't, because it would "take too much time". The time was 14:30 and it was estimated to take 2-3 hours, so I don't know what the problem was other than the fact I'm obviously in the wrong profession. One of us will have to work from home some time next week because of this stupid whim.

Today we got an electricity bill: $260! Ok, it was for four months as opposed to the usual quarterly bills, but still - something was terribly wrong. I started experimenting with the electricity's meter until I discovered an interesting fact: With the heating off, the meter's dial goes through one revolution every 1 minute and 59 seconds (as measured with my Swiss watch). With the heating on, however, it does a revolution in 6 seconds!
Thing is, we have central gas heating, so what the fuck does electricity have to do with it? Well, it's the fan that circulates the air through the house that's to blame, but given the fan's consumption, maybe we should just get an electric heater. Or better yet, an air-conditioner: we'll get our return on investment in less than three winters, and we'll enjoy it in summer as well.
Yes, I know. We're such big time environmentalists.

Anyway, expenses: the last thing we needed in this age of big spendings.


K Williams said...

Well, I did a little experiment myself - almost by coincidence... Watch out for my blog coming up but, in the meantime, you mat want to get that fan checked. It's either struggling or working almost as hard as a heater.

Moshe Reuveni said...

Thanks for the tip. Any advice on who you turn to for help on these things?

K Williams said...

For heaven's sake - let's just meet!!! How about Friday?...

Moshe Reuveni said...

Friday's when we have all of our "team meetings". This particular Friday I already have lots of others, too - just in case I was thinking of actually doing some work in between.
How about Tuesday?

P.S. Sorry...