Monday, 26 June 2006

SEAL operation

Jo has been complaining for quite a while now that when you sit on our sofa you feel the draft of a cold wind hitting you. We suspected the gap under the door was to blame, but I was always amazed at how Jo managed to feel the effects of such a slight gap from a relatively large distance as the sofa and while facing the opposite of the door. I felt like this was the equivalent of Seinfeld's "magic loogie".
However, last week, while messing around the TV in preparation for the new TV, I felt it too. The difference was that this time I could actually pinpoint the draft's source: the chimney hole that's right behind the TV.
Yes, we have a chimney in our house, placed right on top of our fire place. Thing is, we don't care for the fire place at all; we're not into poisoning ourselves. Besides, this fire place shows how old our house is: it's constructed of mid 50s designer red tiles and similarly fashioned wood. We would like to get rid of it but for the implications: a fire place is an attraction when selling, and if we are to take it away without making the house look like shit we'll need to replace the tiles with something similar to our wooden floor. In short, it will be an expensive project.
Anyway, now that the draft's source has been identified, we went into operational mode. We visited Bunnings (a huge DIY place) after work, got a peace of plastic and some tape, and now our fire place is even more photogenic than it was before. Luckily the big TV hides most of it.
And the point of this whole story is this: This small sealing operation has made quite a difference. Whereas before the house's temperature in the morning and when we came back from work was 13, now it's 15. And that's not something to be dismissed that easily!
You can hear and see the plastic in action. It makes sounds as if it's breathing, and it moves from side to side all the time. Which is great, because it works. Oh, we're such environmentalists!

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K Williams said...

Could you please move the 'baby' out of the way for a few minutes? It's blocking the view of the fireplace as well as the seal. And probably isn't giving the seal enough room to breathe either...