Monday, 12 June 2006

Koala Conversation Center

We spent our long queen's birthday weekend in Phillip Island with friends.
It was quite freezing there and we didn't do much other than eat and do what is commonly referred to as "relax", but it was pretty effective.
We did play a bit of football in the backyard of the place we rented, which turned out to be a pretty effective way of warming me up. At night we could spot lots of running rabbits by their white tails wagging about, and this morning we were greeted by a rainbow just opposite the living room's window (which faced the beach, although you couldn't see the sea because of a dune in between).
Yesterday we visited the island's Koala Conservation Center, which like most of the commercialized attractions that aim towards the younger side of the family is more than a bit of a ripoff at $9 per adult. We saw 14 koalas (the first spotting was quite ceremonious, later ones were dismissed), so you can work out the dollar rate per koala spotting; not that it matters much, because they all look the same and they all do the same (that is, nothing). Check out the photos in my Flickr page.
A fine weekend; the thought of going to work tomorrow sends shivers through my chilled bones, especially as the next long weekend is Melbourne Cup in November.

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