Thursday, 22 June 2006


First thread:

Jo wanted to go and look for shoes after work, so I had to spend a bit of time. In typical fashion, I went to the nearby Dymocks book store, where I was amazed to see that they have 20% off everything. Everything!

Second thread:

I’m currently reading Asimov’s Naked Sun. I’ve read Caves of Steel, its prequel, just a couple of months ago, and it was good; but Naked Sun is not just good, it’s fucking brilliant!

I’m biased, though: As I said before on this very blog, Naked Sun was the second science fiction book I ever got to read, and the first science fiction book of the type of science fiction that I really like (the type the truer nerds amongst us refer to as social science fiction).

The threading of the threads:

I got Asimov’s three good Foundation books, as well as the sequel to Naked Sun, Robots of Dawn. It’s one of those sequels that were written long after the original and its bound to be shit compared to Naked Sun, but Asimov is still Asimov.

Since Jo & I read the same books and since we have roughly very similar tastes, it’s funny how we both got excited with this recent rejuvenation of science fiction literacy. For me, it’s a reminder of the time I was 10 to 12 years old: I read Asimovs one by one (or should I say nine by nine?), and I really liked them, but I was still too much of a chicken to try for that thickest book of them all, The Lord of the Rings.

That period was also identified by the regular reading of a Hebrew magazine publishing science fiction stories, called Fantasia 2000. I would spy the news agency shop window to see when the new issue came out, and then I would haunt my parents until they gave me the money to get it (shit, I was so spoiled). And then I would read it.

I was thinking of doing the same thing now and subscribing to a science fiction magazine. For the cost of two paperbacks you can get a yearly supply of science fiction short stories, just choose your magazine: Asimov’s, Analog or Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Problem is, I already have way too many books to read – I buy them at a rate significantly quicker than I read them. Even Jo is starting to have a bit of a backlog, and just the thought of “which book should I read next” drives me crazy (albeit in a good way).


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