Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Give these people air

I have just finished my probation period at my new work. During probation they could have fired me whenever they felt like, but now I need to do something very illegal - like have sex with the cleaner on the office table or publish what I think of my new job in my own blog - in order to get myself fired.
While I have my reservations about the new job - Lotus Notes and the lack of team spirit have been mentioned on these pages before - I do get to notice how small differences can make a whole lot of a difference with my satisfaction levels.
It's June, and everyone around me seems to have a cold, and voila - as of yesterday I officially have a cold of my own, too. However, it is only my second cold for this winter, and more importantly - like its predecessor, it's a mild one that annoys me and does detract from my productivity at work, but it's not a major lie down horizontally for a week and feel like shit for another week cold.
And why is that so, when with my previous job I would have been on my third horizontal cold by now? I can think of several reasons:
  1. The daily walk to and from work, and the general exposure to [very] fresh air help my immune system.
  2. I have established a twice a week treadmill session routine by now. I'm still as fit as a cripple old dog, but I'm fitter than what I would be without it.
But I think the primary reason for the difference this year is the airconditioning at work. I realized that when I stepped into the bank right next door to work, and it smelled so stale I immediately wanted to go out; then I realized that the smell reminded me of my old place of work, because that's the smell the place had in winter.
At the new office, the air just feels fresh, and the temperature is decent enough so I don't have to wear a sweater. The old office, by comparison, suffered from a constant stench - as if the air was never circulated, as if in an attempt to cut costs they just stopped circulating the air and relied on the place being shut and insulated for heating purposes.
Now, energy saving is a good thing, but when it comes at the expense of health it's counter productive.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that these little things count a lot. They're like a dose of fresh air.

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