Friday, 9 June 2006


Last week I have learnt that Paul Simon, one of my favorite musicians, has a new album out (it's called Surprise).
Where did I learn about it?
Was it Triple J, the radio station I listen to the most here, which specializes in new alternative music? No, because Paul Simon is too mainstream for them.
Was it Gold 104, the radio station I listen to while I have a shower, which specializes in 60's to 80's music? No, because they don't mess with new stuff.
I do listen to other stations, but just a bit; point is, Paul Simon falls between the cracks, and you won't hear his new album in any of them.
So where did I hear about this new album? In an Israeli website, Walla, which I check regularly for sports news (they have the mix of European football coverage I'm so used to).
And once again, the over commercialization of radio here proves that branding yourself towards very specific market segments means that sometimes you lose track of the bigger picture. I said it before: Australia's music scene is in a dire need for some generic radio station that would play a bit of everything. In a world where the contents is determined by the target markets of the ad breaks, that won't happen.

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