Saturday, 6 May 2006

Women's Day

Jo needs some work clothes, so we went shopping today at Richmond's Bridge Road.
I tried to make the boring experience of going cloth shop hunting experience by examining the environment. You step into a shop and it's like you're being dumbed down: Trash pop music of the type where every song sounds exactly like its counterparts is playing way too loudly in the background, and there's nothing else to offer any stimulation to the brain other than the racks of clothes spread around the place. I guess they're aiming at the type that reads Women's Day.
In one of the shops there was this lady that walked around with a microphone and kept continuously reciting this speech that I will remember in ten years' time - "only today, 15% off all our new stock, everything on the shop is discounted, and some of the stock arrived just this week, we're mad to sell it to you with a discount, but the discount is only on today", repeat until 1<>1.
It's the type of environment that drives me crazy; I would rather be shot than be there for a long while. I don't know how the people working in those shops survive. For a start, their hearing must be fucked; the question is whether their brains get fucked just as quick or at a quicker rate. How different these shops are to my favorite shops: those that sell you books or music.
Some remedy came from an unexpected source - bad shop design. Obviously, these places are not designed to be visited by men, especially not tall men. In the very first shop Jo went to I just waited by leaning against the side wall and people watching. At one stage my gaze passed through the dressing booths, where my eyes met with this lady that was in the process of measuring some clothes. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that this lady was wearing nothing on top and that all the merchandise were staring directly at me (together with her eyes); I quickly stared away and walked away.
It wasn't not my fault, really! Those stupid booths have these doors so low that someone as tall as me can stare all the way in even while standing at quite a distance.
The experience made me notice how other shops have it, and the results were quite shocking if you're a women out to measure some clothing. One shop even had their booths lower than the rest of the shop, so I could theoretically view more than just the top half of the body.
At this stage I will add that other than that first accidental incident I didn't peak at all. But perverts, pay attention: If you're willing to lose some of your IQ for a piece of action, pay Bridge Road's shops a visit.

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