Monday, 1 May 2006

A show about Nothing

Yesterday we did absolutely nothing.
It was raining pretty much from Saturday night to Monday morning. It wasn't exactly heavy rain - most of the time it was just a drizzle - but it made its point and we weren't exactly enthusiastic about venturing into the great wide open.
And so the day was spent messing around with the guitar, watching episodes of Are You Being Served, reading, and even doing a bit of Xboxing. And we ate in between (including the leftovers of my birthday cake from work, but that's material for another episode).
Point is, we didn't go out of the house; and we didn't do anything constructive. And that's a rarity: I can't really remember the last time we were such lazy bums.
I find this amazing, because back in my bachelor days in Israel such weekends of doing nothing were quite abundant. Especially in winter when staying in bed was so inviting, I would spend entire weekends in bed. I'll start considering leaving bed at about 14:00, mainly in order to nibble something and put some music on. Then I'll play around on the computer or the Dreamcast, occasionally writing one of my long emails. And then I'd go to bed again, and when I would wake up I'd probably order some pizza in because I never really had any food in the fridge.
Ah, the days of earning lots of money and having zero responsibilities... It's easy to reminisce, but it's also easy to forget that the major reason why such weekends were so abundant was loneliness. All it took is for Haim to do something I was totally disinterested in and I had no one to really do things with.
Not that I minded doing things on my own (and not that I mind that now): Almost all of my international travel adventures prior to meeting Jo were on my own, and although it seems strange to many and although I was always a weird minority in the eyes of others, I found that being my own boss and doing exactly what I wanted was quite nice, thank you.
But times have changed, and now when I look back I am thankful for having experienced managing things on my own - I think it's very important - but I'm also thankful for having Jo with me.
Of one thing there's no denying: Doing nothing is more interesting when you do it together.

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