Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Red Night

In a film which I like quite a lot (and I think Uri's with me on this one) they say that hope is a dangerous thing. Yet hope is also the thing that drives us in the hardest of times.
Tonight (or rather tomorrow morning, my time) Arsenal will lose, perhaps even be humiliated, by Barcelona in the Champions League final. It's good that it's going to be Barcelona, perhaps the most attractive team at the moment and definitely the most attractive team at the moment, that is going to do the honours instead of some boring Italian team.
But it is the hope that something will happen that will deprive any shred of a proper good night sleep tonight. And I fully admit it: It would be a dream come true if Bergkamp scores the winning goal. I know it's bullshit that in the grand scheme of things will not matter at all in any tiny bit with regards to the course of my life, but who gives a shit - that's why I like the game (plenty of other reasons exist, too, though).
So yes, Arsenal will lose, and Bergkamp will retire the same way he retired from the Dutch national team - on a losing match. There's a good chance he won't take part at all: Arsenal will probably play a careful 4-5-1 formation with Henry as the sole striker, and Bergkamp's only chance to make an effect is if Arsenal's down and Wenger's desperate.
Rational thought aside, tonight will be a red night.

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