Monday, 8 May 2006

Play it again, Sam

I told you here before of how I think MP3 players are something like three times overpriced. I also told you that although I thought I would like to have one to listen to on the train, it turns out that the train is way too noisy for my delicate ears to add music to the equation.
Thing is, now that I'm starting to get the hang of the new job and get myself into a routine, I've started listening to music at work - just like I did before. It's not the same as it was before: I haven't put anything on the hard disk; it's all coming from my PDA.
The first thing I noticed is the volume levels. My PDA offers a volume scale ranging from 0 to 100% at 5% increments. Back at the old Ipex office, the volume level I used to use ranged was somewhere between 30% to 40% (yes, I know, I could have just said 35%). On the quiet new trains I can get it to 40%-45% and still enjoy some quiet background music; on the old shitty trains I have to crank it up to 65%-70%, where I know I'm messing with my hearing, and on the city streets it takes at least 75% to be able to listen to something and even then it's tight and you miss out on stuff.
What's my point? My point is that at the new office I use 5%, and it's still too loud; it's just that 0 is completely mute and I have no other choice. Hopefully, that tells you something about the new office compared to the old one, even though if this scale thing is not that scientific because I have no idea what really stands behind those percentages.
The second thing I'm trying to say is that I've started thinking yet again on the possibility of getting an MP3 player. I just need the capacity to enable me to pick the music that fits my momentarily mood, be it Led Zep, Beatles, or Vivaldi. The temptation is definitely there, but I think I'll stick to my 1gb equipped PDA. I would feel like a fool if I spend $500 on a thin 30gb hard disk, and I know my mortgage would definitely feel better, too.

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